ThoughtKite's [LaunchClearly] Methodology

Forged from Failure

Avoid the entrepreneur’s sin of solution-centric thinking, which fails to fully understand the problem at hand.

This is for Anyone Launching a Project into the Market

The [LaunchClearly] methodology has been designed to structurally emphasize and organize the process of listening to the market.

  • #[1/4] Problem-Based Concept Discovery

    The Concept Discovery Framework is primarily about passively listening to the market and, in the process of observation, discovering the blocks that people are facing. As much as possible, we are to reduce our impact and presence upon the problem context in order to witness the blocks as they naturally occur.

  • #[2/4] Purpose-Driven Concept Refinement

    The Concept Refinement Framework is about actively engaging with the market as a participant – not simply as an observer – by asking questions that clarify and dig deeper into the Problem Focus (that is, the Blocks of Dashboard #1).

  • #[3/4] Profile-Guided Concept Selection

    The Concept Selection Framework is about defining a path towards a solution guided by the skill profile available for the problem context we have experienced. The word available is used intentionally here to convey that multiple solution paths exist based upon:
    (1) the skill profile of the individual or team developing the solution, and
    (2) the ability of this individual or team to acquire either necessary or desired skill profiles for the development of said solution.

  • #[4/4] Project-Oriented Concept Testing

    The Concept Testing Framework is about interacting with the market through a concrete prototype, using profitability as the key performance indicator and passing break-even point as the threshold between success and failure. Fundamentally, this is a sales dashboard that can be used throughout the lifespan of an organization – the core of sales is unchanging for any business of any stage.

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User Manual, V1

For power-users: 22 pages of insight

Dashboard #[1/4]

Problem-Based Concept Discovery

Dashboard #[2/4]

Purpose-Driven Concept Refinement

Dashboard #[3/4]

Profile-Guided Concept Selection

Dashboard #[4/4]

Project-Oriented Concept Testing

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